Dr. Ovitsh and his assistants are a great team. It is a pleasure going to the office. They are professional and concerned. ” Dr. Ovitsh and his assistant are a great team. It is a pleasure going to the office. They are professional and concerned. Most of all they have patience for questions and take the time out to talk to you. I am happy I found a doctor I can stay with and would highly recommend him. ” – L.R  – March, 2012

” Going to the gynecologist can be an anxiety provoking experience. I can honestly say though that this is not the experience of Dr. Ovitsh’s patients. Dr. Ovitsh possesses everything you could want in a physician. He is friendly, non-judgemental, understanding, and really takes the time to listen and talk. You never feel like you are being rushed out the door. He has great bedside manner and goes out of his way to help his patients and make them at ease. I could not say more positive things to say about Dr. Ovitsh and his friendly staff. ” – Anonymous – March, 2012

” Dr. Ovitsh is a warm and caring physician.   I had preeclampsia with my son and Dr. Ovitsh was so cautious and we felt extremely confident under his care.  He provided the perfect amount of information and comfort during a stressful time.  Our only regret is that he was unable to deliver our second son as we had relocated to another state.  If it were possible, we would have flown Dr. Ovtish out to Denver for the delivery. – Felicia S. – August, 2011

” I have been seeing Dr. Ovitsh for several years and he is absolutely wonderful! He treats me like a human being, not a patient, while being extremely thorough with his examination and finding the root of the problem. He listens to me and asks questions in response to what I say. He is attentive and concerned. He is the epitome of what a doctor should be, genuinely caring and medically advanced.  He does this all with such a jovial demeanor and light-hearted dispostion, it helps you relax and not be so worried about a gyn visit.  I recommend Dr. Ovitsh to everyone! If it wasn’t for Dr. O’s wonderful sense of humor combined with his many years of medical expertise, I would not have been able to make it through a couple scary time. Thank you Dr. O for being a great doctor and a great human being. ” – Holly M. – July 2011

” Not only is Dr. Ovitsh a highly skilled OBGYN he is a kind, caring and sensitive man with a sense of humor. I feel lucky ro have found him. – Judy Stein – August, 2011

” I am very blessed to have Dr. Ovitsh for 5 years. He has     been  supportive, caring, and reliable every time. The most trustworthy  doctor for women’s care. Thank you doctor Ovitsh.” -Ruth Arias –  May, 2011

” Thank you for your excellent and compassionate care. ” – D.R. –  October, 2010

” Dr. Ovitsh is a great doctor. I’m so happy I met him. ” – T.C. – October, 2010

” Dr. Ovitsh is the BEST GYN! ” – A.S. – October, 2010

” Dr. Ovitsh is the gentlest, sweetest, and kindest human being. ” – Matilda Micale – September, 2010

”  I have been with Dr. Ovitsh since 1997. He delivered my first born son. He is sweet, caring, honest and I can always confide in him. I followed him from various locations because he is a great doctor and I will be with him until he retires. ” – Sharlene Rivera – 2010

” I highly recommend Dr. Ovitsh and beyond. His comforting and relaxing ways have always made everything so easy. Whether it is preparation for surgery or follow-ups he answers all my questions. I tell everyone how great he is. One day a friend and I were discussing how great our gynecologists were and it turns out we were both talking about Dr. Ovitsh. ” – Nancy Fletcher – 2010

” I’m so glad that I found a great Doctor. ” – G.H. – June, 2010

” Friends still ask me why I go into the city to see my doctor and I tell them he is the greatest doctor I have ever had. I’ve been with Dr. Ovitsh 11 years. Where ever he goes I will follow.” – Elizabeth Gonzalez – 2010

” Really happy I went to Dr Ovitsh. I was new to the practice and he asked a lot about my history and didnt rush me at all. The office and staff was really nice as well – I would recommend them for sure. ” – Amy H. –  August, 2010

” Dr. Ovitsh is very warm and takes the time to explain things very well. He responded to each of my questions very patiently. I was also seen right away! ” – August, 2010

” Very nice office, very friendly staff and doctor makes you feel comfortable. I am so happy I found this doctor. ” – August, 2010

” This is the best GYN experience that I’ve ever had. ” – G.H. – August 2, 2010

” I came to Dr. Ovitsh’s Office through his Website. At first, I Googled his name and saw how highly rated he was and immediately made an appointment. It has been very hard for me to find a doctor that really listens and Dr. Ovitsh does just that, making him so unique. – Jhoana Rivera – September, 2010

” I was always afraid of going to my OB/GYN. Now that I have Dr. Ovitsh, I feel comfortable and know that I’m in good hands. ” – W.I. – September 2010